The Chalets Naldehra

The Chalets Naldehra is one of the best luxury resort near Shimla. This is a well-maintained Luxury Resort and offers necessary facilities for comfortable stay. Visit Chalets Naldehra for an unforgettable experience in Himalaya.

Swimming Pool

Shimla Resorts With Swimming Pool

Swimming Pool

Under a starlit sky or on a warm sunny afternoon or for that matter while the monsoon rain patters on the clear-glass roof or when snowflakes swirl, take a long leisurely swim or just lounge by the poolside of The Chalets Naldehra.

The heated leisure pool of the Chalets has been imported from Australia and placed in a large glass plant-packed hall that seems to bring indoors all the charms of the surrounding woods – it's almost as if you are swimming with the cedars.

The ambience is relaxed, the water welcoming and the fireplace by the poolside, blazing.


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